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We pride ourselves on our outstanding installations that will serve you for years to come. From single brand changes to full refits, we take care of the entire project from start to finish.

We have become well known for our precise and easy to manage installations. With full training given after the install, you can be sure that you will be taking over a fully functioning and visually pleasing dispense setup that is built to last from the very first pour.

Our in depth reports detail all equipment that has been installed with photographs taken for your records so you can see exactly what work has been completed. 

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Our service and maintenance cover will see any of your dispense issues thoroughly inspected, reliably fixed and fully explained so that you know exactly what work has been completed.

We assess surrounding equipment and make extra checks whilst onsite to ensure the fault is fully resolved and any potential future issues are addressed before becoming a bigger problem. 

Our 'Spec Check' form is completed whilst onsite which will keep you informed on how your products are performing. Our spec check includes temperature checks, speed of pour and gas pressure readings.

Once a callout has been placed with us we will then take complete care of the rest including contacting site with our estimated time of arrival and contacting you on completion of the job with customer sign off details.

Temporary Bars and Events

You can relax knowing that we have installed all types of events bars from home bars in gardens to events with 30,000 people in attendance. Our temporary bar installations are built to handle the most demanding of events with intense periods of service.

With most events lasting between a day and a weekend, we understand that any downtime can be costly both financially and to an events reputation. That is why all of our temporary setups are over estimated, at no extra cost, to cover for those unexpected surges in demand on what could be the hottest day of the year!


With an option for one of our fully trained technicians to cover your event, you can be sure that any potential issues are solved before they become problems. Our technicians come loaded with fully stocked vans so that any piece of kit that is required is there on standby. 


Professional Line Cleaning

Our professional line cleaning service can be used to bring beer lines back to a clean and hygienic standard. Having clean lines is key to serving beer as the brewer intended. Both taste and appearance can be spoiled with unclean lines resulting in lost revenue and customers! We can bring your lines back to a healthy state with our specialised line cleaning products.

We also offer scheduled professional line cleaning which can increase your line cleaning period from every 7 days to 14 days. Using market leading cleaning products we will guarantee that all lines will be cleaned to a first class standard, including bar and cellar equipment sanitisation and deep cleaning of all keg couplers to remove any bacteria and biofilm.


The key to our professional cleaning is putting aside enough time to fully clean all equipment. Our line cleans are never rushed and no corners are cut, we love beer as much as anyone and only want to see perfect pints poured every time. We price our line cleans per tap and not time taken, meaning you will know the definite cost every time. 


After all of our installations and temporary bar setups training on the equipment comes as standard, no doubt whatsoever. We will assist all staff in the safe use of all dispense equipment installed, how to maintain the system to a high standard and basic fault finding and isolation techniques.

There are times that onsite training may need to be topped up after a change in staff or management. We can assist with various levels of training by our experienced technicians with practical examples to ensure maximum participation.

Our training sessions are tailor made for beginners to experienced staff and everyone in between. So if you know your keg connectors from your fob detectors we can create a training session that goes beyond the basics.

Couple of taps with a Gamko unit @ldnsto

Surveys, Audits and PPM

We provide extensive and accurate surveys before any installation work takes place. With an in-depth report detailing bar plans, additional building work and the equipment that is required you'll have a clear view of the work required with no surprises.

Our Planned Preventative Maintenance checks are ideal for a detailed report on your entire dispense system. Most importantly our technicians will assess the equipment that is currently installed including completing our spec check on temperatures, gas pressures and flows. With extra attention focused on fixing any soon to be faults with the system, we'll aim to minimise any future downtime occurring.

We also provide details on potential growth, spare lines and any bar and cellar space. Dates and serial numbers are logged on items such as python, remote coolers and primary regulators so you'll have a record of exactly what equipment is in use. These full reports are produced for your records with all photographs taken of the layout and equipment included. We recommend that our PPMs are booked in annually.

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